Bohol Rent A Car – Best Car Rental in Bohol

Most Common Reason Why Rent A Car in Bohol is Advantage

Bohol Rent A Car is the most commonly best service for Car Rental that gives traveler to explore activities in Bohol such as Day Tour and Adventure Trips. It gives customer the advantage to travel whatever destination listed in their travel plan or Itineraries and to experience traveling to a certain place.

Pre given routes are to be followed for given places to visit to where tourist spots are located in Bohol. However you can modify your itineraries like removing and adding numerous spots listed. The most common places travel for Rent a Car in Bohol is going to Chocolate Hills and Tarsier and other places listed in the route.

This gives you hassle free since our drivers will guide you through the rest of your tour activities. Drivers are professional for handling the guest with extra care. Pickup point is flexible either you are located in Tagbilaran or Panglao Island.

Looking for lowest Rent a Car in Bohol?

We are the lowest price.
Here are the Price List:

Car = 2300 (Bohol Countryside Tour Car Rental)
Van = 2800 (Bohol Countryside Tour Van Rental)

Itinerary is going to 10 Spots commonly known as:
1. Baclayon Church
2. Blood Compact
3. Butterfly Sanctuary
4. Loboc River
5. Tarsier
6. Man Made Forest
7. Chocolate Hills
8. Python Snake
9. Souvenir Shop
10. Hanging Bridge

5 Reasons Why Bohol Rental Car is Less Cheaper

1. Flexible Rate
– Anyopne can use the car at most reasonable price. It is flexible because the price stretch depending on the distance or route is being use.

2. Hourly use
– In most cases minimum use for Car Rental in Bohol would be 3 hours Minimum and 8 hours for Tour. However it can be adjust and extended by just adding a bit amount.

3. Day Tour
– People choose to Rent a car in Bohol since they can avail it at cheaper price rather than getting those package tour where they cannot adjust the budget they have. In most cases, they can do trips and experience sight seeing like Countryside Tour in Bohol.

4. Personal Use
– Customer can use the Car either by attending any occasionally events, wedding, team building, office work destination. meeting appointment, friends and family travel time.

5. New Vehicle Unit
– Our concern is to give customer a good comfort for their travel by giving the newest vehicle model for their travel and this is to insure that they riding a vehicle in good condition and give them satisfaction.

How to Book Bohol Tour Rent a Car

We will guide you step by step on how to book a car in Bohol Tour.
you have the options

A. Drop us a message via live fb chat box in the right corner of the website.
B. Having us an email on contact form section of a page.

Whats inside the message?
Giving us your plan through your entire trip by listing your travel date, Name of persons, number of travelers, indicate also your pickup point (place & time) and also your contact number.

After we receive sent message to us. Expect for response stating your booking confirmation and acknowledgement after checking the availability in our end. Next, we ask your payment 30% of the total payment.

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